Brazilian writer Antônio Antolini launches new book in 2020


Antônio Antolini talks a little about his books “A Carta da Vitória do Espírito Santo” and also about the launch of 2020: – “Buscai, e vos será dado! O Evangelho nada secreto de Antônio”. Currently Antonio Antolini’s books can be […]

Antônio Antolini talks a little about his books “A Carta da Vitória do Espírito Santo” and also about the launch of 2020: – “Buscai, e vos será dado! O Evangelho nada secreto de Antônio”.

Currently Antonio Antolini’s books can be found in the original written language, Brazilian Portuguese, but very soon they will also be available in English translations.

Antônio Carlos Antolini Júnior (or Antônio Antolini, or even Cacá Antolini) is a Brazilian lawyer, jurist, journalist and writer born in Brazil Colatina-ES in 1963, having taken up residence in Brazil Vitória-ES in 1973, where he lives today.

His school education took place entirely in Roman Catholic Apostolic schools, among which Marists, Salesians and “Sacre Coeur de Marie”.

He studied Mechanical Engineering and Social Communication – Journalism at the Federal University of “Espírito Santo” in the 1980s, and graduated in Law at the former “Fadic” College, currently University “Unesc” in 1985.

He was a civil servant with a public tender in the Legislative Assembly of the State of “Espírito Santo Brazil” from 11/01/1983 until 12/23/2008, and his dismissal from public service was due to health problems arising from alcoholism.

Health problems are chronic and persist to this day.

Currently Antônio Antolini is an activist against the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and propagates that alcohol must be completely abolished from our society, even on festive occasions.

He has always exercised the office of attorney – lawyer in a combative and active way, and newspapers such as “A Gazeta ES”, “A Tribuna ES” and “O Estado de São Paulo / SP” reported some of his most brilliant legal actions.

In the area of Law, one of his literary works can be highlighted as the book “De advogado e louco todos temos um pouco”, with which he received prominence in the “Innovare” award of the year 2013.

In the Literary area, it was consecrated through the book / essay “A Carta da Vitória do Espírito Santo”, a work launched at the 25th. edition of the 2018 “São Paulo-Capital” International Book Biennial; book already awarded by the “Academia de Letras de Maceió-AL” together with the “Literarte” association in August 2018; and also awarded by the company “Braslíder”, on a black tie night that took place at the “Clube Sírio Libanês of São Paulo-Capital” on November 19, 2018.

His book “A Carta da Vitória do Espírito Santo” has been very well received by readers.

Now in 2020, during the 26th. edition of the “São Paulo-Capital” International Book Biennial, will launch the book “Buscai, e vos será dado! O evangelho nada secreto de Antônio”, which reflects the author’s intimate thoughts in line with the text of the Sacred Scriptures – yet another metaphysical philosophical book essay by Antônio Antolini.

Antônio Antolini also wrote scripts for television and other books, and a large part of his collection is registered with the National Library Foundation, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Fervent lover of nature as a whole; he reportedly became a fighter against animal mistreatment in 2011 after one of his dogs was poisoned, causing Antônio Antolini to take an even dangerous attitude at the time, when he offered a reward to anyone who provided clues about the poisoner.

Antônio Antolini is a Roman Apostolic Catholic and declares himself a great admirer of Pope Francis, for his pastoral, social and modernizing stance in the Church, in his good aspects – in his book “A Carta da Vitória do Espírito Santo” Antônio Antolini reserved space for write about your Church, and also about the Holy Pope.

Due to his various health problems, Antônio Antolini maintains a reserved but quite combative activism in favor of the consumption of alcoholic beverages – he is clearly against the consumption of alcohol even in a socially recreational way, as it currently occurs.

Antônio Antolini understands that alcohol is one of the great evils of our society, and should be completely abolished.

Zealous father of two daughters (Glenda Antolini and Sophia Antolini), Antônio Antolini believes that he received from God the gift of raising and educating both, which is why he has always had judicial custody of his daughters.

Son of a graduate Judge at the “Espírito Santo Brazil” Court of Justice (Antônio Carlos Antolini) and a lawyer and educator (Nadyr Maria da Silva Antolini), he never tires of repeating that he was blessed by God with a “hero father” and a “holy mother”.

Currently, due to the persistent health problems, he dedicates himself moderately to his studies and to family and close friends.

Reason of honor was the receipt of the certification from the renowned Harvard University for having completed the course “Christianity through Scripture” – the Bible study is a source of joy for Antônio Antolini.

His greatest desire is to raise his daughters and leave a good legacy for the world, says Antônio Antolini, briefly.